NELSON + Edusight

Edusight's technology assets just got acquired by NELSON, Canada's largest educational publisher [1]. This acquisition strategically combines NELSON's best-in-class educational content with Edusight’s insightful and personalized visualizations of student learning. I'm happy we found a home for Edusight's analytics and digital portfolio product so that we can reach millions of students.

Over the course of four years, Edusight has impacted over 300,000 K-12 students across 40 countries. I'm grateful to my Edusight team, family, friends, K-12 Edusight teachers, mentors, and investors for making this journey the most rewarding experience of my life.

This acquisition marks the end of Edusight, but it's only the beginning of my path in data and tech.

[1] Press Release: NELSON Acquires Technology Assets of Edusight, Continuing to Transform Education in Canada