Tech Sales Resources

I am passionate about sales and enterprise software. I decided to reach out to my network at Y Combinator and Harvard Business School to get a better sense of the resources (books, articles, blogs, podcasts, newsletters) that folks relied on to get smart on B2B sales. I'd like to think that these resources are applicable to a wide audience, from startups selling to large enterprises to global companies selling to other large enterprises.

After taking a look at the submitted resources and adding them to my initial list, here is the combined list of resources. I'll be updating this list periodically as I continue to learn and absorb new content.

If you'd like to suggest more content to be added to the list, feel free to message me via twitter.


Sales Strategy
Go-to-market, customer segmentation, selling approach, pricing, product

Sales Operations
Revenue operations, enablement, productivity, coverage model Customer Success
Customer retention, account management Growth
Product marketing, B2B strategic partnerships, business development Leadership
Sales leadership and management, coaching Career
Types of jobs in tech sales, how to break into tech sales

I'll be writing up takeaways and key insights for the resources above. If you'd like to receive my notes, feel free to subscribe by email below.

Last updated: June 13, 2020